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US Machine Gun Pin-WW1?

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I recently acquired this pin in a box with a bunch of other WW1&WW2 military pins and patches. I believe it's a WW1 vintage piece but I'm not sure. It is cast bronze with silver U.S soldered overlay. It measures about 1 Inch wide and 5/8ths inches tall. Old fashioned "C" latch for the pin. No makers hallmark at all. I've searched the net for hours on end looking for a similar one but have come up empty. Anyone seen one like it before? I've seen WW1 machine guns that look sort of like the one in this pin only with the cooling jacket over the barrel. Any idea what gun is represented? I gave up a Jackson for it so I hope I didn't get hurt to bad.







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Nice pin.

These are like the WW2 type service or sweetheart pins.I have seen MGs,Tanks,various branch insignias etc.I have a oval one with crossed rifles for infantry.I have seen then on overseas caps as well(unoficially and have a couple packed away some place with pins on them.

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Just ran across this thread while looking for info on my pin. They look pretty much the same. Looks like the other one is missing the top rings. My question is, what hung there?????



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