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Unissued Pair of M1902 Spurs W/Straps

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Over this past weekend I was fortunate to be able to purchase these spurs. They appear to be unissued. The spurs are R.I.A. stamped and dated 1903. All of the edges are razor sharp showing no signs of wear. The straps are mint russet leather also stamped R.I.A. , dated 1906 and inspector stamped F.P.B. The portion of the strap that would go under the heal of the boot shows no wear at all.



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Very cool.



Looking for: Washington and Oregon Coast Artillery items

Any items related to the Harbor Defenses of the Columbia River and the Harbor Defenses of Puget Sound, 1860s-WWII. This includes items from Fort Stevens, OR; Ft Canby, WA; Ft Columbia, WA; Ft Worden, WA; Ft Casey, WA; Ft Flagler, WA; Ft Ward, WA; Ft Whitman, WA; Camp Hayden, WA; and the following units that served at these forts:
Columbia River: 33rd, 34th, 93rd, and 160th Companies, CAC; and 18th and 249th Coast Artillery regiments
Puget Sound: 26th, 30th, 62nd, 63rd, 71st, 85th, 92nd, 94th, 106th, 108th, 126th, 149th, and 150th Companies, CAC; and 14th and 248th Coast Artillery regiments

Coast Defense Study Group member & site representative for the Columbia River forts

ASMIC member

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