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Help with photo downloading

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Awhile back I purchased a new computer with windows 8 and since then I just cannot get the pictures the right size for downloading. My computer skills are very limited. I would like to use Microsoft's system and just download them direct from my computer to the forum. I understand cropping to reduce size and I know how to resize them but they are either to big to upload or to small when I do. So when I go to resize I assume I use the custom setting and enter a number in the maximum dimensions' box to set the size. What should that number be for the best single picture and or if I want to have a couple pictures in the same topic box what number is best? Thanks in advance






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Do you have Microsoft Office on your PC?


If I recall correctly, the image size used by the forum is 640x480 pixels. If you are using MS Office, you should have a program called Microsoft Office Picture Manager. It is part of the MS Office package.


Open your photo is MS Office Picture Manager and click on "Picture" at the top of the screen. This will bring a drop-down menu with an option to resize. Click on "Resize" and options should appear that will allow you to resize the photo. If you click on "Predefined Width X Height", you can select 640x480. Make sure that once you click on 640x480 you click on the OK button at the bottom. You can now save your image under a new name or just save it as you would any other Microsoft document.


Normally resizing a photo this way makes the image small enough to post two photos per post. However you may occasionally have issues getting below the 150kb max posting both images. If so, you can still use Picture Manager and manually reduce the size until more than one image will fit in a post.


There are other photo editing software packages out there that will probably do a better job, but I thought you could start with something you may already have. We have some folks with a lot of experience with photos and websites, hopefully they can chime in also.


Good Luck!




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Another thing you can try is reopening the PIC in "paint" and then simply re-saving it.


Paint will reduce the kb size of the file without further reducing the actual PIC dimensions. I find you can usually take a photo that's in the ~260kb range and simply reduce it further by saving it again in paint and it will often be less than the 150 kb limit required here. The photo is the same size with no noticeable difference in PIC quality, plus you can annotate and add pointers. etc.


From there, you can play with what actual size PIC you need to reduce in order to display it here on the forum while keeping it as large as you can to show what you need. As long as the total kb is less than 150kb per post total, you can add as many PIC as you want in the post.


Good luck!




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Thank you.

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