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WW2 Soldier in Angers, France

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I received this photo from a french family from Angers, France. No name on it but it was left with the grandmother of my friend in August of 1944. He was hidden in Castle de l'Arceau. I know it's a shot in the dark, but is there a possibility there is someone who can help.

Thank you.post-151673-0-45713500-1392835714.jpg

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Just to let you know. It's dated august1944 on the left. On the bottom it is written the first american who arrived in the "domaine" of Arceau. Here we call a "domaine" woods or a big park usually around a castle or a mansion.


There is an Arceau Park downtown Angers. This town was liberated by the 5th infantry division. I don't know if it helps ...

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