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Brass US belt buckle . . . what is it? How old is it?

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My knowledge of US militaria is basically limited to WWII stuff, and I'm really a beginner at that, compared with the rest of you. I came across this belt and buckle at the estate sale of a Vietnam war Navy vet and officer, who retired in the early 1980s. The manufacturer's stamp on the back of the buckle reads, "Robbins Co Attleboro Mass." I don't see any markings on the black leather belt. Can anyone tell me what I have here? What era is this from? Officer's belt? Thanks!




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I am no expert on these but would think it could be Civil War but more likely, post Civil War - Spanish American War. I am thinking that most of the Civil War Officers buckles of this style had the silver wreath applied as a separate piece. I think the post Civil War buckles had the wide fastener on the back like this one. In any case, it is very nice looking.

Steve B in Alabama.....Roll Tide


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According to American Military Goods Dealers and Makers 1785 - 1915, "C.M. Robbins of Attleboro, Mass., began in 1892 and listed as jeweler. Made corps badges in the Spanish American War and campaign pins for the 1892 Cleveland election campaign. The firm continued into the 20th Century (name changed 1912) to at least 1961. Now the Robbins Company."





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According to David Cole's "Survey of US Army Uniforms, Weapons and Equipment", leather was switched from black to russet in 1902. The only example of that style buckle is attributed to 1851 and was apparently the standard until about 1865 when the oval US buckle was introduced. I'm assuming that one of the Civil War era experts can provide additional information.


As 12A54 suggested could be a military school buckle.


Definitely a nice buckle for anybody's collection.

Looking for items related to the 161st Infantry Regiment

(aka NGW; Washington Territorial Militia 1855-1886; 1st/2nd Infantry Regiment, Washington 1886-1898; 1st/2nd Regiment, Washington Volunteer Infantry 1898-1899; 1st/2nd Infantry Regiment Washington National Guard 1899-1917)

and 36th Infantry Battalion/Regiment



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