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Requesting Help With Chevron

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Not to row against the flow.

But I think this is a 1907 Cavalry Lance Corporal of the Commissary dept for the 1902 dress uniform.


Seeking Model 1895 and 1902 Named Officer coats as well as Spanish American War Tropical Uniforms.
Also pre WW2 marine uniforms. Always pre-1945 Colorado National Guard Items wanted! Also seeking Rhodesian

Uniforms and Gear used by Americans in the Rhodesian Security Forces during the Bush War (Africa).


Fortune cookie say: "An expert is someone that knows so much about so little."

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The crescent strongly resembles a USN Cook rate specialty mark that was applied to the chevron backing. Is it toned white or yellow? The background of the cresent looks much darker (like that of a Navy uniform) than the blue backing of the chevron.




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During the CCC era manufacturers made chevrons with out specialty marks AND separate specialty marks for the CCC. CCC Enrollees could buy the stripes and have any specialty mark added. This prevented the seller from stocking so many variations (4-5 rates with up to 15 different marks). The color matches what the CCC used. The way the crescent is applied leads me to believe these are CCC. I will post a yellow on black crescent and a green on red chevron as examples.




I collect US Army chevrons and US Army Finance Corps items. I also collect CCC insignia.

ASMIC Member - OVMS Member


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