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I need a camera

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I am looking for a good inexpensive camera that can take the correct size photos for U.S. MILIARIA FORUM.I also do ebay pictures. I see some awesome photos here but it takes me a day for me to figure out how to get them to fit here. Always says photo too large.I've tried some of the instructions to change them but I am OLD. Let me know what you use to take those good photos. Thanks, L.T.

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Most digital compacts, even the lower end ones, have a picture size selection option. Are you sure your existing camera doesn't have this facility in its menu? The recommended setting for pics destined for publication in internet social networking sites is 4:3 / 640x480.

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I bought a used copy of Photoshop Elements on Amazon for $2.99 (plus $3.99 shipping, so I had almost $7 invested!) This was for my XP-based laptops that I use with my old scanner. It can be used to easily change the compression of images so they will be less than the 200kb size for the forum. You may consider one of those programs...they're old (I think these date from around 2004) but they work fine and for a whopping $7, you really can't go wrong. Much cheaper than buying a camera that will only take really small photos (most cameras don't do compression really well without sacrificing the dimensions of the photo...)


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When it comes to cameras,I'm a Canon man.I've been using my old Canon S3 for years and have been very happy with it.Lately I've been using my Lexmark combo printer/scanner to scan my patches and been having great results as well.In my opinion having a scanner and a camera is the best of both worlds',as some items' cannot be scanned well,and decent quality cameras and scanners can be had for a lot less than in the past.

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Thank You guys for the help. I did find some settings to reduce the size of my photos with your advise. I will still be looking for different camera. I have an old Sony with the cd-r mini discs and they are getting harder to find. I can finally posts some pictures on the forum again. Thanks,L.T.

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What I have done lately is use my Iphone to take photos of my GPW project I have been dinking around on. I then e-mail the photo to myself or use the cord that connects to my PC. The photos are massive at about 2.5mb. Then I open the photo and use the Microsoft snipping tool to highlight the photo and then use the "save as" feature and overwrithe the original photo. It is the same photo, but now it is about 80 to 90kb. I love that snipping tool feature. One can make a photo of just about anything. Even this:




Took me a couple of seconds and let me edit my original post in the meantime. Saved the above at 89kb.



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If pixel size restriction is the issue...and it is on this site.... just get some software that will resize images. A free source that I use is IrfanView. You can download it for free online. Just do a google search for the site. Don't worry about the camera.. It isn't the fault of the camera. It's the photo edit software that you should be getting.

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