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help ID and price a poster

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hello i recently acquired this poster at a garage sale from what i understand it is real it has the government folds and i have yet to try to black light. it was put into a home made frame and looks old. like someone acquired it then put it in a frame in the 60's. it measures about 28 inches long and around 20 inches wide. i was hoping you could tell me more and a possible value.





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Beautiful poster.

As for value, I don't really know but I bet it is more than what you paid for it.



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A nice poster with a great patriotic image that displays well with a variety of collections. This poster was done by the US Treasury Department / War Finance Division #891. I believe the poster was created by James Herbert in 1944. The theme is to hold on to those Savings Bonds but that you probably already figured out. The original poster was 28 inces in length so the size fits the original.


Price is much harder, I have not priced or seen this particular poster in auction but have seen it quite a few times. I would say it is medium range for a poster as it is not overly common but its not rare. Likewise it doesnt have any imagery that might drive up the demand. Posters such as this were printed in quantities of 100,000 and sometimes more. Also, condition is an issue based on whats in the frame. I know I havent mentioned what medium range for a poster would be so I would say about $110. I must emphasize that like all collectibles price is so relative.


I hope that helps.






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Charlie Flick



That is a great image. Posters are popular now and prices have gone up. The things which affect poster values are the originality and condition of the poster (has it been trimmed, cut, torn, water stained, etc), the size, and of course the subject matter. The poster you show has been reproduced. If the poster is uncut, undamaged and original I would guess it to be valued at $100-$200 or so.





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This one has nice graphics. The frame is horrible....it really detracts from the presentation.....I would change that if/when possible.


I agree with the comments above, and would guess this one is realistically between $100 and $150. IMHO

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