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A Late War POW: 97th Division Ike Jacket

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Hi all,


I recently won this ike jacket off of ebay. This is my first POW item in the collection, but what I really liked about it was that this soldier was born in my hometown and grew up only a few towns away. The great thing was all of the paperwork is there!


This soldier served in F Co. of the 386th IR. This soldier along with 25 other soldiers were captured after the trucks they were riding in missed their embarkation point and accidentally drove into a German occupied town. The Germans opened fire killing the driver of the first truck. The men fought back but were overwhelmed. The 97th Division was committed to the ETO very late in WWII and as a result seemed to have never kept track of how many POW's they had. The only info I could find was that they had 86 soldiers MIA.


Hope you all enjoy!












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Thanks for posting Ben! I especially like the documents that obviously came from a "burn" file at the NPRC,



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Thanks Kurt! From his other paperwork it looks like he was trying to get his POW status reflected on his discharge during the 1995-2005 time frame.

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