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US Army Chaplain Corps seal lapel pin for civilian clothing. Production was discontinued when it was determined that government funds were not authorized for this item


In addition to chaplain insignia, Department of Defense instructions on the Accommodation of religious practices within the military services state that chaplains may wear any religious apparel or accouterments with the uniform while conducting worship services and during the performance of rites and rituals associated with their religious faith. In addition to allowing religious apparel drawn from civilian faith group sources, some religious apparel has been issued by the military, sometimes with military service, Chaplain Corps, or chaplain religious symbols included in the design. While in the past, religious items to support chaplains and chapel programs were made available by individual service organizations such as the Army Service Forces, today a chaplain is attached full-time to the Defense Logistics Agency, with a mission statement that reads:


Provide military religious support logistics to America's Armed Forced across the full spectrum of operations by managing a world-class Ecclesiastical Supply Program to the Armed Forces, supporting the religious requirements and spirituals well-being of Defense Logistics Agency personnel world-wide.


In addition to military-issue religious vestments to be worn by chaplains during worship services or religious rites, United States Army Chief of Chaplains Charles Brown had a lapel pin created during the 1960s showing the Army Chaplain Corps seal (then with symbols of Christian and Jewish chaplains) for chaplains to wear with civilian clothing, in the same way some civilians wore lapel pins with their college seals. However, it turned out that government funding was not authorized for the production of a civilian clothing accessory, so production was halted and wear was discontinued.


US Army Chaplain Corps seal lapel pin for civilian clothing. Production was discontinued when it was determined that government funds were not authorized for this item"



I like the design !






I'm searching for my collection:
White House Service badge and certificate
Presidential Service and Vice Presidential Service badges and certificates
Army Staff (former General Staff) badge, certificate and collar insignia, DoD and JCS badges
Aide de Camp collar insignia ( Army, USAF, USMC )




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Commonly called the "Charlie Brown button", after the Chief of Chaplains who initiated this badge.

Yes there was a Chief of Chaplains named, Charlie Brown.

The idea was to wear it on your blazer, much like the ivy league schools of the day would wear their school emblem on their blazers.

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