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1st Mar Div Bevo - Opinions?


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I just received this patch, and as it is my first bevo, I have a few questions now that I can take a close look at it.


The weave of the red in the number and white in the stars is more "open" than I see in others posted here in the forums--the blue background shows through in a regular pattern. Also, there are i a couple of imperfections--look at the red inside the "G" in the detail photo. Also, there is a faint row of white dots around the 1 and near each of the stars. Are these sort of details common in this style of patch?


I think it was removed from a uniform or patch quilt--the edges on all four sides are slightly creased as if folded under--so that could account for some of the imperfections.





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Thanks! The pictures are actually done with a scanner originally made for scanning photos, negatives and slides, so it can scan at a pretty high resolution (3200x6400 dpi). It's about 10 years old, but it still does the job. I find it gets me at least as close as my 10x loupe, without me having to hunch over the patch under a reading lamp!



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