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Suggestion to all members, re: photos

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I have noticed many, many interesting photos of rare and vintage militaria here. I have also noticed that many times, the poster of the photos has gone through the aggravating and time consuming process of adding text via their mouse


No need :)


Every PC using windows has a program called "paint". Probably many folks realize this. What you may not realize is that this free program allows you to add text easily. Very simple:


right click on the photo you wish to add text to

select "open with" and then "paint"

now your paint program is open


look on the left hand side, where the icons are. Click the one that has an "A" on it


You'll see two more icons down at the bottom, and they are now active. They both show shapes, and one has a white box around it surrounded by a dashed line, while the other has a dashed line in the shape of a rectangle with no white box. The one with the white box shows the object on the white field


The one with the white box will allow you to place text on the picture, backed by a white field, while the other does not generate the white field, which means you need to choose a good color to use for the text, otherwise the text is "lost" on the photo. Bright yellows and reds work well a lot of times. Choosing a color is easily done on the palette, just above your picture, and you can also make a custom color if you double click any color on that palette, then select "define custom colors"


Click on "view", near the upper left hand corner of the window, and select "text toolbar". If you cannot choose this, remember that you need to click the "A" icon first, so that it is the active tool. The text toolbar is fairly straightforward, it allows you to select font, size, italics, etc.


With the "A" icon enabled, drag a box (left click on the photo, hold down the button, move the mouse diagonally) to select where you wish to put your text. You will see a flashing text cursor in the upper left of the box you just drew. Type your text here, and this text is defined by the options selected in the text toolbar. Click outside of that 'text box' you drew with the mouse, to place that text on the photo


Paint is fairly basic, so once you place the text I know of no way to re-position. But with practice, this is an easy way to place text, without having to laboriously scrawl words by hand, using the pencil tool, using no additional software besides that which your PC came with


Paint can also re-size your photos for you:


Across the top of the Paint window, you will see the "Image" tool. Click it


Select resize/skew


Now you may enter in percentages for the size of the photo


Remember to save the photo under a different name from the original, to preserve the original's appearance in case you have made a mistake


I recommend Photoshop Elements for folks who wish to get even more powerful software. It allows layers and effects, just like Photoshop. In fact, my friends who are pros in graphics arts (for their living) tell me that they can see nothing in Photoshop Elements that is not in regular Photoshop, for about 90% of what they would do at their job- but Photoshop Elements is hundreds of dollars less. I bought a copy new two years ago for 79 dollars


But if all you need is to make text on photos or re-size them? All you need is Paint thumbsup.gif

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