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1902 GO Dress Uniform

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I recently acquired my first 1902 Dress Uniform on eBay and it is ID'd to BG Edward M. Kittilsen of the Illinois National Guard. I've found at least three different spellings of his last name, two of which appear in the Report of the Illinois Adjutant General. I would venture to say the spelling on his headstone is the accurate one.




Kittilsen saw action in the Spanish-American War with the 6th Illinois, was Chief of Police of Moline, and Sheriff of Rock Island County. Additionally, he was a member of Doric Lodge No. 319 Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of Illinois.




I am in need of some older shoulder knots and have ordered reproduction 1902 buttons to replace those that are missing. I have a question on the damage to the sleeve though. Should I leave it as is or have a tailor make a minor repair using material from an old US Navy jumper. Those are about the cheapest and closest match to the wool.


T.S. Akers, MA

Always looking for US Army and Air Force General Officer uniforms and hats.



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Nice catch!


Can we have a closeup of the cuff area? I am wondering about the black band(?) above the velvet cuff, below the stars. What is that? I have never seen anything like it.


I think I would probably make the repair too -- when I do this, I do it by hand to stabilize the area, but also to make it easily removable should a future owner prefer.





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I had some years back,a pair of the gold bullion shoulder knots,N.S.Meyer made, and traded them to Dave Kolpek,they were in beautiful condition,and he may still have them,check with him,(dkolpek) possibly as well original buttons to replace the missing ones,although he will need to see close-up pictures to see if he has a match (with maker's hallmark) Best Regards, and Good Luck with your restoration project , Jeff

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nice uniform with history not far from my area.

Always looking 33rd infantry division items as well as named items from Illinois but particulary Northern Illinois especially northwest Illinois








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