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Mexican War Hat Eagle


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This hat plate turned up at a Flea Market so
there is no history on it and I am only guessing it was made in the 1840's. I
need some help on it. It is similiar to the 1821 Cockade Eagle but there was no
change in the 1832 uniform regulations and this eagle is of refined design and
manufacture being of struck brass. The three soldered wire fasteners are
missing. What has confused me is that on the front of the eagle, there are worn
areas that glitter like some of the WW II hat eagles do. Can some member of the
Forum weigh in on this specimen?




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Hello GeneralLucas, the eagle emblem is that of the US Marines for their Shako hats, 1830's to 1840's before the Mexican American War era. They were using this type eagle which is very similar to the one the US Army used but this one has the distinctive slant used by the Marines. It is illustrated in the book "Semper Fi" on page 60. The author is Col H. Avery Chenoweth USMCR. This emblem used to be shown on the "Eagle Globe and Anchor Militaria" website in their reference section but his website is currently under reconstruction. There are reported restrikes of this emblem from the old Stokes company. This is a very rare emblem.

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