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Type A-9 flahslight (hand energized)


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A buddy of mine is asking me for help with a flashlight he has had for 30+ years. I'm guessing it is a survival light as it is man-powered but I really don't know if this is the correct section for this question.


It is a USAAF Type A-9 made by Daco-Lite.


It is marked:


MFRS. No. 163-B ORDER No.2084-PHILA-45-54


It is also marked "TROPICALIZED FEBRUARY 1945".


I did a search and found a few pictures but not much information.


What information is out there on these?



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As I recall they were a component in some of the AAF multiplace liferafts later in the war. Dustin will probably be able to tell you a lot more when he sees this topic

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Survival pretty much nailed it in a nut shell. Standardized in the spring of 1944 with the primary intention of being included in multi person life rafts replacing the Type A-7 floating type as a signal recognition device. Began to see use overseas in early 1945 but had a short life. This was an attempt to eliminate the use of battery powered devices which proved to be problematic themselves but it was found to be deficient for use in life rafts, the gears corroded and these lights were often found nonfunctional. An additional reason it was omitted was due to the introduction of other signal devices such as the T-49/M-75 flare and Mk-1 Mod 0 smoke signal in early 1945 making the flashlight superfluous. The light was deleted from the accessories by wars end. There are two contracts that I am aware of, one in fiscal year 1944 and fiscal year 1945 as listed above. Large quantities were ordered to supply life rafts on existing contracts and life rafts in service but was deleted from the rafts before any real quantities could be delivered making for a huge availability through the surplus program and why they are so common today. The tropicalized date would reflect date of manufacture/assembly pretty close as this was done in the factory, for example mine was tropicalized Nov.1944 and I have another Dec.1944 etc. etc.

It is possible that these lights were used/issued to individuals but this would have been conducted on unit levels so would be a rare occurrence. By the time this light came into service it was standard for all life vests Army and Navy to have a life preserver light but of the Navy 1 cell model.

Out curiosity does anyone have a Tropicalized date prior to Nov. 1944?

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Hi Dustin,

Yes, I have tropicalized A-9 prior November 44.


order no: 19307-PHILA-44-54






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Thanks for the information, I'll pass it along. For something I’d think would be relatively common, I don’t often run into these locally. I'm assuming that these probably aren't worth much in operating condition?


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