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One day SAW display at Florida Museum of Natural History.

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US Victory Museum

In a previous post, I indicated that the Florida Museum of Natural History
invited some collectors to display their artifacts for a one day special
event this past Saturday 01/25/2014. These were the items I placed on
display. I know that many of ya'll have seen these items before, and I
apologize for showing them again for the stated reason below:

Although I have a couple dozen uniforms from this era, these are the only
ones large enough to be fitted to the mannequins, which I sawed in half

down the back side to get these uniforms to fit. Most of my other uniforms

won't fit over the shoulders or the necks are too small, and I can't cut the

forms any more without completely ruining them.

These uniforms range from 1898 to 1903 to represent both the Spanish-

American War and Philippine-American War.




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An outstanding display. I know how much trouble these displays are but I believe they are certainly worth it. It is also nice when private collectors and established museums can worth together to have displays like this.

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Mike, nice to get 'em out once in a while and show them in public. Great display. I appreciated the effort of setting them up and care taken to keep grabby hand off them and transporting them back and forth while trying to minimize the impact on antique garments. Militaria shows usually garnered the most respect. I had a civil war display at a Marine Ball and I had a couple grab my Confederate dog river cavalry saber with original wrap and yank it out of the scabbard. Oh did my blood boil. No damage was done so I kept my mouth shut.

Very nice! Like those M1898 Coats. Outstanding condition.

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Nice display.


Why don 't you create your own mannequin ? I know some people who did it here to display uniforms from the 1870/1871 french / prussian war.


They used a child mannequin torso and made it bigger by using plastic bubbles paper we use to protect items when we send packages.

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Mike, I wonder if any one has tried to determine which units wore a particular type of uniform during the Spanish American War. For instance the M1898 with branch trim. What denotes a federal example. Does it just have branch colored collar shoulder straps and cuffs. What about those that have all pocket flaps with color, those with just the chest pockets with branch color (Collar, shoulder straps and cuffs included). I know the uniforms of the 1st U.S. Volunteer Cavalry are well researched and documented but what of the rest of the Army and State troops? I know Colorado started out with the blue flannel shirts and tan cotton trousers, later were issued the cotton duck stable uniforms. Later before going home they were issued the two pocket coat (British Boer War pattern) with cloth covered buttons. Maybe we should start a thread of just one particular uniform item (Coats, Trousers, Hats, shoes, etc.) .

Just some thoughts....

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great looking Spanish American War display, they look exactly as they would have been back in 1898, very well preserved

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