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Jungle Uniforms - Vietnam era

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CWO3 Johnson, 1st Aviation Brigade.


DEAD LINK on No_outside_hosting 1/14/15


"Did Americans want heroes ? Well, we were willing at that point to be satisfied with survival."

Looking for 45th, 86th Infantry Division and 106th Cav items.


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This one was worn by LTG Julian Ewell who commanded 9th ID and later 2nd Field Force. Note the direct embroidered subdued insignia. What's the story on the shoulder cord? I wondered for some time why there was a button sewn to the left shoulder. Then I found a pic of Ewell wering an RVN unit citation fourragiere at some sort of a ceremony, so I added the correct cord. I guess we shoud call this Ewell's "dress" jungle uniform.






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Here is a fully badged jungle jacket from a LTC senior advisor assigned to the Tu Duc military academy.








All insignias are US made and SSI are merrow edges even the Ranger tab. The vietnamese ranks and the pocket patch are vietnamese made. This jacket came with other stuff from his previous tour as advisor in 66-67.



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The rear of the zippo.

Interesting. Here are some of my pictures.
I was in HHQ 2/28th infantry Vietnam Jan 1969- Jan 1970

we would shower and then make a jeep beer run to "town" (PX in Dau Tieng.

I have the Black Lions patch on my left breast pocket.

Bottled in Saigon 50 cents each


DEAD LINK 1/14/15


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QUESTION: Does anyone know which manufacturer is currently making reproductions of the OG107? I know Rothco makes a repro. but theirs only has the single stitchings around the arms, across the shoulders, and down the back of the sleeves, as well as a back yoke.


BUT, the reproductions I've seen and am looking for are produced with only TWO front slanted chest pockets (covered buttons) without the two lower pockets, AND there is DOUBLE STITCHING around the arms, across the shoulder, down both backs of the sleeves, and WITHOUT a back yoke or waist adjust tabs.


Another detail is the cuffs only have adjustment tabs, and do not have full 1 1/2" cuffs.


Both Los Angeles County Sheriff's SWAT and El Monte Police SWAT currently wear these hard to find repros.


Any help would be appreciated as niether agency has returned my calls.


Thank You




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I know that Moore Militaria is currently making reproductions, they're a bit pricey though. If you don't want to ruin originals though, they are definetly worth the extra money.


Their website:




As far as I know, nobody else makes accurate reproductions.



RIP Major David Seaver US Army Retired, 4th Infantry Division, Two Tours with Military Assistance Command, Vietnam. Sept 19th, 1938 - April 27th, 2007. Served 1962-1970.


Check out my website and facebook page for great deals on US and Foreign militaria!





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Thanks for the reply and info Jungle Rot,


I did however, after countless inquiries and research, FINALLY find the manufacturer of the repro vietnam era bdu's. Ladiga Sportswear, Inc. in Alabama does made-to-order of their "2-pocket" version of the OG107 slant pocket fatigues.


They run about $25 per item for 100% cotton ripstop

and about $27 per item for 65/35 poly/cotton battle rip


They can also make them in Navy Blue, Black, Tan, and Woodland in various material.


Some distinct features of Ladiga's version include;


-2 slant pockets with pen slot in left breast pocket (no lower pockets unless specified in order)

-Double stitching throughout BDU (unlike single stitch with original vietnam issue fatigues)

-Authentic OG107 green color dye on 100% cotton, or blueish OD green on poly/cotton.

-Mil spec Bdu pants (without angled pocket flaps like in orig.) two button flaps on rear and cargo pockets

and distinctive double-stitched knee darts/flex knee pleat.

-Bdu tops and pants made-to-order in std. sizes or custom measure.

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Here is a 2nd model jungle jacket, worn here with a locally made "ascot" scarf. The jungle jacket went through a series of revisions as the war progressed.



Where Did you find these photos at?

Uniforms, Insignia, SSIs, Badges, Medals, Ribbons

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Where Did you find these photos at?



You probably won'r get an answer to your question since the member hasn't been active here for about 9 months.


I'm pretty sure he took those photos himself of his own collection.




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