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SEABEES Construction Battalions and related patches

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Brian, Lets see some of your patches.

Regards, Mitch

Ask and you shall receive!


Here is what I have.. I only collect WW2 Seabee. (as far as Seabee stuff goes)


Of the "Seabee" patches the top one is German made. The "bee" is a little more green and just is a little weird.

The rates (CB 1st class Petty Officer) are from a guy near Keokuk I believe.. named on the back.

Those who say there were no fully embroidered rates in WW2.. take a look at those. Obviously fairly early too.. in that they have the CB on the rate.


Hope you enjoy them.. I like the small variations between the patches.

The pocket (PX) patch is on a very dark navy that seems to match a P-coat. All the other ones I have ever seen were on a lighter navy blue.

If you click the links.. then the magnifying glass in the bottom corner (twice) you can see the fullsize pics.

It won't let me post the fullsize pics.












Thanks for looking!



On a sidenote.. here is a Seabee display I made in honor of my Grandfather:







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Here is my CB riker mount. mostly WWII era stuff. I have some other odds and ends hiding around here that I will have to dig up.


I collect pre-1948 US Navy rates, and WWII US Navy enlisted uniforms and equipment.

Wanted: items related to VPB-103, USN jumpers with USMC SSI and USMC uniforms with navy insignia.


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