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SEABEES Construction Battalions and related patches


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I don't have anything to add unfortunately but they are some fantastic patches, thanks for posting!


Look forward to seeing other members contributions,



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Vietnam Era and manufacture NAVCAT Naval Construction Action Team.





During the battalion's time in Vietnam, it became the first Seabee battalion to operate in the three lower divisions of the Republic of Vietnam (Corps Tactical Zones II, III, IV); became the largest Seabee battalion since WWII; as of Oct 1970, the only Seabee battalion to operate in all four Corps Tactical Zones at the same time; the only Navy Construction Battalion to wear an authorized shoulder patch (Naval Construction Action Team [NAVCAT] patch); the longest serving Seabee battalion in Vietnam (over 4.5 years). In April 1971, the battalion's headquarters relocated from Cam Ranh Bay to the large Army base at Bien Hoa.



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More nice patches Bearmon. I hope these fit with the theme. Liberty cuffs and a printed on silk insignia from the Korean Era, Construction Bn Mobil Unit 101 - Fleet Marine Air Wing? Correct me if that is not right.





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Nice additions Mitch, I have always wondered what the Seaborne patch was, it has many different ID's

Mostly I see it as 1st Trans Helicopter for the US Army

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neat thread.


I have a black pocket patch (PX) on the way.. will post pics when it arrives.

also have a german Seabee SSI.. will try to get a pic as well.


thanks for posting.. would love to see more WW2 stuff.




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Here is a mate to Bermons other Navcat patch except this is a Japanese made version for NAVCAT 9 . As far as the Seaborne patch, there is alot of referance to the 1st TC Bn. which was an Army Helicopter maintenance unit stationed on the USNS Corpus Christi Bay during the Vietnam war. I don't think the Seabees Seaborne patch is related that unit at all.

Brian, Lets see some of your patches.

Regards, Mitch


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