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Question About these Balloon Pilot's Wings

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I bought these wings at an estate sale several years ago. I found these in a man's jewelry box along with cufflinks, tie bars, etc. I inquired as to whether the deceased occupant of the house had been in the military, the lady running the sale said she didn't know, except he had been about 90 years old when he died. I searched the house rather completely but couln't find even a military uniform button. I was wondering if anybody had any idea of their originality. They are not solid silver, but plated brass. There is wear to the silver finish on the balloon. The back has that star burst pattern that usually has the words "Acid Test" stamped on it. There is no markings of any kind and the wing has a non-locking "C" clasp. The pin opens 180 degrees. If I hadn't bought them a long time ago, I would have thought they are probably just a repro, but I would appreciate any help from all you experts out there. Thanks.

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These are 100% good wings from the mid to late 20's most likely. Very nice! AMCRAFT made a lot of insignia with the starburst (or snowflake) back in this particular pattern.



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