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Freedom Bird

River Patrol

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Since I have nothing to do today except dig out from the snow, I'll post my "Freedom Bird". There are conflicting reports as to whether it was Japanese POWs or Chinese detainees that constructed these for trade to local citizens around the Pennsylvania town I now reside but they are constructed from Government issued toilet paper and colored bits of paper from multiple sources. In my years of searching for military items in PA, I've only seen 2 of these. This first one was new to me so I just got to learn about it....the second one I saw (this one) I knew I had to "bid to win". These usually come up at local auctions and I've never seen them for sale on the net. There is apparently a small collection of these in a folk art museum in one of the western states. This is a really interesting "POW" item from the homefront.



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That is a really interesting piece. One section of collecting I have always enjoyed was any of the POW camp "folk art".

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That is really cool.I have never seen or heard of these before.I just noticed the guy riding the Freedom Bird.Thank you for sharing.

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