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Bag, Wet Weather, Clothing - DSA 100-75-C-0990 - one of my riddles

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some time ago I've bought this relatively small bag -I haven't got it at hand now, but let's say it's the sized enough to carry two smoke grenades, so 5-6 in. tall- rubberized nylon duck, closed with velcro & with what look like MOLLE type tabs w/ dots, just plain nylon OD straps. Thought it was an handy useful piece of gear to bring around, then.. I read inside a DSA number stating '75: Red Alert! I can't use it! It's history, it's collectable ..only that I couldn't been able to find how in the world I could determine its place in the U.S. Army inventory.

I didn't see it anywhere before, no depiction anywhere; I suspect it's Air Force something, mainly because the attachments remind me the ones used in survival vests pouches (no need to say, I'm utterly ignorant in the matter). Nonetheless, I grope in the dark; here's the stampings, on the inner side of the flap:


Bag, Wet Weather, Clothing

DSA 100-75-C-0990

National Item Identification Number 8465-00-545-3612

Federal Supply Class 8465


As usual, I apologize for the pic, it's the best I could get. Also I'll try to post the other views, which is no easy task for me.

Many thanks in advance to anyone who could enlighten me




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