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ID : USAF patch on side of H-21 Helo,c 1958


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Good morning, all. I am making a model of this USAF H 21 landing on the Texas Tower No. 2 off of Cape Cod in the late 50's and need the ID for the crest on the side. post-12350-0-94607000-1390058662.jpg

Thanks for any help!

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In answer to the question Texas Towers were based by 4 H-21’s two based at Otis AFB, (Cape Cod), Massachusetts and 2 based at Suffolk County AFB (Long Island), New York

The mission was supported by the 4604th AC&W Squadron (Texas Towers) was Activated 8 October, 1956 at Otis AFB, Massachusetts, which two months later (December 1956), was Re-designated the 4604th Support Squadron / 4604th Support Group (Texas Towers).

Prior to the stand up of the 4604th the Otis H-21;s were supported by the 33rd Fighter Wing (ADC) and the Suffork County H-21’s were supported by the 52nd Fighter Wing (ADC)











Tower Locations (Not the Sequence the Towers were Built)

TT-1 Cashes Ledge, Planned 100 miles east of New Hampshire 36 foot of Water - Not Built;

TT-2 Georges Shoal, Situated some 110 miles east of Cape Cod 56 Ft of Water, Supported by the 767th ACWSq (ADC) North Truro AFS, Massachusetts

TT-3 Nantucket Shoal, Situated 100 miles southeast of Rhode Island 80 Ft of Water, Supported by the 773rd AC&-W Squadron (ADC) Montauk AFS, New York

TT-4 Unnamed Shoal (New Jersey Shore), 84 miles southeast of New York City 185 Feet of Water Supported by the 646th AC&W Squadron (ADC) Highlands AFS, New Jersey

TT-5 Brown’s Bank, TT-5. Planned 75 miles South of Nova Scotia 84 Ft of Water (Not Built)



Two H-21B helicopters per tower were authorized by USAF, four of which were based at Otis AFB and two, at Suffolk County AFB. The twin-rotor H-21B had a theoretical capacity for carrying 10 passengers or 2,000 pounds of freight. When equipped with necessary flotation and survival gear, however, the H-21B’s capacity was cut to eight persons or 1,550 pounds of freight. Other cargo, particularly POL, was furnished periodically by ship. Fuel, food and lubricants,were stocked to provide at least a 30-day reserve; spare parts were on hand for operational equipment to last 45 days On 7 May 1956, TT-2 achieved the status of a limited operationally ready aircraft control and warning station. For purposes of furnishing logistical support for TT-2, and for the others when the need arose, the 4604 AC&W Squadron (Texas Towers) was activated 8 October, 1956 at Otis AFB, Massachusetts, which two months later (December 1956), was re-designated the 4604th Support Squadron (Texas Towers).11


11. ADC Historical Study No. 10, op.cit., pp. 76, 82-84; ADC, “Operational Plan for Texas Towers, 20 Jul 1954 and 1 Jul 1956 [hrF]; Hist of ADC, Jan-Jun 1955, pp. 34-36; Hist of ADC, Jul-Dec 1955, pp. 67-68; Hist of EADF, Jan-Jun 1956.pp. 64-68; Hist of ADC, Jul-Dec 1956, p. 64-68 45; ADC, Logistic Support Plan for Texas Towers, 12 Mar 1956 [Doc 140 in Hist of ADC, Jan-Jun 1956.]


See Radomes.org for more info


Terry L Horstead

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Hi Robwashashore, hope you got the H-21 model finished, if so, would love to see a photograph? What tail number did you give it?


Also, can anyone advise any of the H-21 tail numbers that supported the Texas Towers?



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