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c-1 vest items


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does anybody have original an original complete c-1 vest that they could post pictures? thanks in advance....


specifically the flares and/or flare launcher. and items in the accessory box.



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Do an e pay search for C1 survival vest and you will find what you are looking for. A near complete vest recently sold. The pics of the individual items are pretty good. The accessory kit is shown opened with all the pieces spread out. It also shows the unopened first aid kit. A search through completed / sold items should sow you more of the items that were in the vest, including the flares. There was no launcher; they were hand held flares similar to 'road flares'.




Steve T

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Hard to find the items needed to fill every pocket of a C-1. I made a start but gave up because they were either almost impossible to find or hideously expensive...usually both! :o

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