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A few years ago I picked up a stack of photos from the USS Ancon; the flagship for the assault forces on D-Day. I picked them up at a flea market; I had no idea what they were as they were laying loose in a big box with a bunch of other random photos. Once I got home and did a bit of research about the Ancon I became excited. I became even more excited once I went through the photos and read what was on the back of them. These are all period photos and some are stamped on the back with the "Official Photograph" stamp denoting the date they were taken and on what vessel. Some were handwritten on the back with notes by Lt. O.H. Phillips, who was an officer on board at the time.


The group of 5 photos below features photos taken on board on May 25, 1944. The main characters in the photos are: Adm, Wilker, Field Marshal Montgomery, Adm. Hall, Cmd. M.S. Pearson and King George VI



Adm. Ramsey and Adm. Hall



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