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Today's addition to my Flag Row is then Maj. Arthur Ernest Exon. He enlisted March 1942, entering aviation cadet training, graduating in November. He was assigned to the 57th Fighter Group, The Desert Air Force. His unit underwent various changes, leading up to his assignment to the XII Bomber Command, 12th AAF, commanded by Maj. Gen,. John K. Cannon. During his time in the ETO, his 57th Fighter Group flying P-40's flew missions in Africa, Sicily, Italy, Corsica and Southern France. He racked up 325 combat hours of flight time, earning 15 OLC's to his Air Medal. In 1944, his unit was assigned to the 9th AAF. In April 1944 his aircraft was severely damaged by an exploding ammunition depot, forcing him to bail out. Taken prisoner by the Germans, he was a POW until the end of the war. This latest action earned him the Distinguished Service Cross. He achieved the rank of Briog. Gen. before his retirement from active service. Note: The SSI on his right shoulder is a bullion AAF.


Men, i would love to own that uniform :love:... I hope Jumpin Jack can see my posts, is he banned or is that a technical error?!

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