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3rd Award CMB?

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The last VN draftee just retired in 2011, so it is entirely plausible there are more 3x CMB recipients just not publically recorded. Lots of qualifying conflicts between VN and now.



Maximum awards would be 2 X if you go back to VN (there are only two award periods for all of the qualifying conflicts).


Would have to be a Korean War vet as well, so no possible.



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Found this today on a 2nd Award recipient of the Combat Medical Badge in WWII and Korea, one Tony Singer from San Antonio on his passing in 2014 at 91, but regrettably could find nothing else more on him. no unit in WWII or Korea, in the news article, says D-Day Normandy Beach but doesn't give division.


When you google his name you gets lots of hits for Tony Bennett :lol:



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