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Letter: Civil War Chaplain running for GAR Office

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I picked up a small collection of paper items from the estate of Mrs. Bessie Stebbins who was the widow of Civil War veteran Warren O Hawley.


The papers include a letter to Warren from Joseph H Thayer written in 1891 asking for Hawley's support in an upcoming GAR convention election (see below).


Other items include a printed card for a delegate to the 32nd. Annual Encampment of the Massachusetts GAR (1898 I think), 5 calling cards from other GAR members in IL and Mass., and 3 letters with envelopes to Ms. Stebbins dated 1940 from her congressman Allen Treadway (Mass.) helping her through the process of applying for a death pension.


Warren O Hawley (1837?-1940?) was a Civil War veteran who served in the 89th. IL Inf as a Sgt., he served from 8/25/1862 until 6/10/1865.


Joseph H Thayer (1828-1901) was the Chaplain for the 40th Mass. Infantry for a short time in 1862-63. He was also a Biblical Scholar of some note with a Wikipedia Page all to himself.


What are the initials in the closing? I read them as F.C.V.L. Is that correct? What do they stand for?




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It actually says "F.C. & L", which is the abbreviation for the Grand Army of the Republic's motto - Fraternity, Charity, & Loyalty.


Nice item!

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