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USAAF Cadet's Cap Badge - TRUART

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Here's an aviation cadet cap badge marked TRUART sterling.


I've often wondered on this particular pattern wing with the long pinback. Most WW2 versions I've seen seem to have the center screwpost and small stabilizing pins at the ends of the wings. Did this version preceed those, or is this actually a sweetheart pin? Is it WW2 or pre-war?




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I have always thought they were sweetheart jewelry but just did a quick search for Truart and found that they do make a lot of big gaudy jewelry. But, heres the good part, in spite of many people selling their jewelry as 1940s, the only website I found that talked about the company said that while many of their designs look to be from the 1940s they could find no reference to the company before 1964. So take it for what it is worth because the internet is never wrong.

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These wings look to have small circles near the wing tips on the backs which were where the small pins would be attached. I am guessing that behind the attached hallmark pallet is a hole where the traditional lug would have been installed.

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