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Operation Dragoon and the Champagne Campaign


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Pvt Vance L. Clutter E Company, 143rd Infantry, 36th Division - His leggings were found in a farm that was most likely an Aid Station in the village of Marsanne, in the vicinity of Montelimar. Task Force Butler has set its HQ there for a while.











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1st Bn 517th PRCT, Capt Broudy A Co, September 1944.
Same place in 2012 with Leo Dean HQ/517 and Allan Johnson 596th Parachute Engineer Company/517th Parachute Infantry.



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Many thanks for locating this place ; I have been wandering for years where this photography was taken.

It's the nuclear plant of Cruas in the distance near La Coucourde.





Thanks for your interest and your participation. Thank you also for the picture. I am also interested in the 199th in Vietnam and

we have a common 199th Friend in France :)

Your grandfather's unit is one of those fascinating, unique and totally overlooked outfits that took part in Operation Dragoon.

If you look at Dragoons' order of battle, there are so many small and separate units that going through the list makes one's head spin.

Thanks also for telling about your Grandfather's mood at Montelimar, first hand accounts like this are of great interest.

I wrote an article about a MIA 36th soldier during that battle, a very sad story.


Here's a picture I took a couple of years ago in Montelimar.





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fantastic thread, just love the then & now shots. This campaign must be a due an After The Battle volume soon.

Thank you Paul. I'm honored to have you participate to this post. I have been following you guys through

your website for some time. I must have read all the content and the stories at least 4 times.

I would like to come and see you at at the War and Peace show some day. I really admire what you do.


First Special Service Force - Port Cros Island, Southern France, Aug 1944.





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Amazing thread, very interesting then and now photos and great collection!

Thanks for sharing and show us more please...


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