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USN Ships Cruise patches WESTPAC MED PG IO

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USS SHANGRI LA (CVA-38) on her final WESTPAC Yankee Station cruise with CAW 8 embarked, she was decommissioned and scrapped the following year (1971)


1970 VIETNAM CASREP CRUISE (CASREP is the Navy's Casualty Report that provides commanders the status of all mission-critical parts that are on backorder)

Cruise book http://www.navysite.de/cruisebooks/cv38-70/index.html


Elevator #3 - The Shaft - Steering - Radar - Port Cat - LOX Plant - Screws - DIW - Evaps - TACAN - Reefers

CVA 38 USS SHANGRI LA 1970 001.jpg

CVA 38 USS SHANGRI LA 1970 002.jpg

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USS VALLEY FORGE (CV-45) 1948 Round the World Cruise
Following the embarkation of Air Group 11 and intensive air and gunnery training in coastal waters, the aircraft carrier – flying the flag of Rear Admiral Harold L. Martin, Commander of Task Force 38 (TF 38) – got underway for Hawaii on 9 October. The task force devoted almost three months to training operations out of Naval Station Pearl Harbor before sailing for Australia on 16 January 1948. After a visit to Sydney, the American warships conducted exercises with units of the Royal Australian Navy and then steamed to Hong Kong.
During a voyage from the British crown colony to Tsingtao, China, orders arrived directing the task force to return home via the Atlantic with her escorting destroyers. The ship continued the round-the-world trip with calls at Hong Kong, Manila, Singapore, and Trincomalee, Ceylon. On 21 March 1948 at 0800, she was at 18-43'N and 64-33'E – half way around the world. She visited the Persian Gulf and anchored off the ARAMCO refinery in Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia as a gesture of goodwill from the American government. On 25 March, the ship's complement "manned the rail" for the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia and officers attended a banquet given by Crown Prince of Damman. Rounding the Arabian peninsula, she became the largest aircraft carrier and the longest ship at that time to transit the Suez Canal. On 6 April she joined with the Mediterranean Fleet carrier Philippine Sea, cruisers Rochester, Manchester, Dayton, and six destroyers for three days of sea exercises.
After passing Gibraltar and entering the Atlantic Ocean, she set a course to Bergen, Norway. On 29 April, she moored in Bergen after a 25-mile (40 km) trip through the treacherous fjords with snow squalls reducing visibility to less than 100 ft at times. The crew paraded through the main part of the city, causing concern, as this was the way the German occupation entered in World War II. On 1 May, a "Mayday" parade and celebration was held; unfortunately for the crew, all local pubs were closed. Air Group 11 flew in parade formation over the Capital City of Oslo, spelling the name of King Haakon VII.
The ship was underway 4 May for Portsmouth, England; the historic base of the Royal Navy. After firing a 21-gun salute while passing the imposing HMS Duke of York, the ship was moored near the HMS Victory, Admiral Nelson's Flagship. The Commander of 6th Fleet authorized 72-hour staggered liberty pass for all hands.
Underway 13 May to New York; on 22 May entered the Lower New York Bay. Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Louis Denfield, who was instrumental in initiating the World cruise, was welcomed aboard for a visit. Underway 27 May for the Panama Canal, she arrived 11 June in San Diego Bay.
In July 1948, new squadrons joined Valley Forge bringing with them the Navy's newly introduced aircraft, the Douglas A-1 Skyraider, and the Navy's first jet fighters, the McDonnell F2H Banshee and the Grumman F9F Panther. These squadrons gave new capabilities to the ship. Intensive air operations and additional training and exercises commenced with the new aircraft


CV 45 USS VALLEY FORGE 1948 World Cruise 001.jpg

CV 45 USS VALLEY FORGE 1948 World Cruise 002.jpg

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