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Desert Storm bring-backs


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I thought you all might enjoy my Desert Storm bring-backs. These are three Iraqi I'D booklets AMD I'D cards. One of the Iraqis was carrying this suurender leaflet in his booklet











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South of Basrah in the days after the cease fire we found hundreds of these thrown out along the roads. Most of the ones I picked up at the time were Republican Guard officers and NCOs. I guess they didn't want to be caught with anything connecting them to leadership in the Republican Guard.

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Those are passports not identification cards for military. Military I.D. cards are singular and the pictures are of the soldiers in uniform. Very nice bring backs and the picture is great! Scott


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Nice items.



Looking for: Washington and Oregon Coast Artillery items

Any items related to the Harbor Defenses of the Columbia River and the Harbor Defenses of Puget Sound, 1860s-WWII. This includes items from Fort Stevens, OR; Ft Canby, WA; Ft Columbia, WA; Ft Worden, WA; Ft Casey, WA; Ft Flagler, WA; Ft Ward, WA; Ft Whitman, WA; Camp Hayden, WA; and the following units that served at these forts:
Columbia River: 33rd, 34th, 93rd, and 160th Companies, CAC; and 18th and 249th Coast Artillery regiments
Puget Sound: 26th, 30th, 62nd, 63rd, 71st, 85th, 92nd, 94th, 106th, 108th, 126th, 149th, and 150th Companies, CAC; and 14th and 248th Coast Artillery regiments

Coast Defense Study Group member & site representative for the Columbia River forts

ASMIC member

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Really interesting stuff. Thanks for sharing and thanks for your service! I am reading a book right now about the first US navy pilot to be shot down in the Gulf War.


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