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Marked Helmet Liners, The Unsung Hero Of The M-1


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Heres one of my favorites, it was with one of my USMC helmets, Im assuming its a marine liner, can anyone confirm that with the 9 in the triangle and the yellow rim?....mike

I don't know what the triangle means but, hey, I really like it!

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I thought I would post a couple of photos of the marked helmet liners being worn. These photos are copied from the 1967 38th Infantry Division yearbook.


138th Signal Battalion





113th Medical BN



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Hi All,


I only have the one painted liner.


About 20 years ago there was a flood of cheap M1 helmets onto the surplus market in the UK, all helmets at £10 each.


The common characteristics were that the shells were all in very good or mint condition, and all the bright green late or post Vietnam colour. They also all had Woodland Camo covers, and a broad brown elasticated band (which didn't look American) where the helmet elastic normally was. They also all had reacent dated, unused sweat bands in them.


The wierd feature was that they had an absolute mix of liners, with regards to period and condition. I assumed at the time that they were reserve stock from the USAFE in the UK, which had been released when the Kevlar helmet arrived, but that's just an assumption.


Myself and a couple of friends were able to go through one of the larger surplus store's backroom stock by saying that we'd buy at least ten helmets if we were allowed to do so. :D


T think we bought more like 30 thumbsup.gif


We had a whole range of WWII liners in mint condition, one M1C with the A straps cut out, and some nice complete Vietnam helmets,


And three white painted liners - one each.


Mine is, I think, Air Police


post-4089-1224789241.jpg post-4089-1224789253.jpg post-4089-1224789273.jpg post-4089-1224789313.jpg


It's a late WWII Westinghouse line. When I found it it still had the remains of the leather chinstrap, but this had been painted blue, and I think the paint had rotted the leather.


The method of painting is odd. The liner has been painted blue all over, then the stripe masked off. Then a thick coating of gloss white sprayed on (you can see some of the misting on the inside of the liner). The masking was then removed, so that the blue line is below the surface of the white paint. The A-P was then painted on last.


One of the other liners had a 2" diameter "Air Material Command" transfer over the grommet hole on front, and no strip. The other liner was just painted white.


Best Regards,



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Thats a nice AP liner, I have an Air Police M-1C and I just picked up an Air Police armband on ebay, should get it in a few days.....mike


Thanks, Mike.


Yes, I saw yours elsewhere, very nice.


I think that you may have a similar conundrum to me, in that I have a WWII M1C liner, with French Colonial troops markings on the exterior. These are original WWII too, so I wouldn't erase them;, but I sort of wish they wern't there. think.gif


I have a blue lettering on white felt armband, and blue embroidery on white twill, shield shaped Air Police badge, that I bought together some time after getting the liner (that's when I figured what A-P stood for).


I'm blowed if I can find them at the moment, but if I do, and it's of interest, I'll post pictures.


Best Regards,



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Johan Willaert

Close-Ups of D-Day related liners from my own collection. Spent 20 years of collecting to find these....


From the 29ID topic


A Westinghouse M1 Helmet liner with painted 29th Insignia and Screwback Lt bar. The LT bar doesn't pose a problem to slide a shell over the liner...

No history on this one...




And a relic liner from the ETO Campaign. As so many 29th liners found in the ETO, it's an early model, in this case an Inland with HBT webbing and provisions to snap-in a rayon headband.

I was never able to find something on the GI; all I have is a laundry code C63?3








And the other D-Day units:


4th 'Ivy' ID...




Big Red One Liner made by Firestone






90ID made by Westinghouse






5th or 6th Engineer Special Brigade







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craig johnson

11th Airborne Westinghouse liner. All three are decals (model type)


No names noted


Picked up at Goodwill by my father about 28 years ago.







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craig johnson

Westinghouse liner.


No names noted


Another Goodwill find 28 years ago. My Dad submitted this for painted pots, but was disappointed it didn't make it.










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craig johnson

Seaman Paper Company liner. I think I got all the names on it.


No names noted


Another goodwill find about 28 years ago. Im sure I was there with him.


See Robin. I do like other things.










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Looks like the 400th AAA.

The 400th Antiaircraft Artillery Automatic Weapons Battalion (Semimobile) started out as the 2d Battalion/ 513th Artillery Regiment (Antiaircraft Artillery), Coast Artillery Corps, carried the number 200 for a couple of months in 1943 and has had the number 400 ever since. The 400th was formed from the 200th Coast Artillery Battalion at Camp Pickett, Virginia on 19 March 1943. Initially the unit was a Separate Coast Artillery Battalion (Antiaircraft Artillery) and was redesignated the 400th on 12 December 1943 while in Italy.


The unit left the US from Hampton Roads Port of Embarkation in Virginia on 8 June 1943 and arrived in North Africa on 22 June 1943. It moved to Italy on 21 September 1943 and on to Corsica on 26 March 1944. It went onto France on 11 November 1944. From the 16 December 1944 Continental Station List it was at Marseilles on that date and from the list dated 2 May 1945 it was at Port de Bouc. Records indicate that the unit was inactivated at Camp Patrick Henry, Virginia on 15 November 1945.



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Dirt Detective

Hey Guys Great liners, All great posts.. thumbsup.gif My good friend just picked up a fixed bail helmet from his Fathers old friend. When he pulled the Westinghouse liner out this is what he found. Maybe I will do a separate post on this one.




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