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Unknown Patches - Vietnam era


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"I will probably just leave them as is. If I move any of them sometime in the future I will leave it up to them. With my luck my dog will end up jumping on me at the moment I go to make a cut!"


Great display!I think that you made a wise decision.The majority of Vietnam war incountry made pieces were never worn,so what you have is uncommon.I have a few with the uniform backing still attached in my collection,but would love to have more.I once saw another find like yours,can't remember the exact details,but it was from someone who had access to a bunch of old uniforms that were turned in,and they just cut the patches off and discarded the uniforms!

My opinion only,but I would always leave any uniform remnants,whether backing or threads,on the piece,as it adds to the provenance of the patch being worn.

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