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Vietnam War Naval Aviator's life vest

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Got all the goodies and gadgets. Has an inspection(?) doc on the top. Didn't want to take it out of the bag, its a hassle to get it back in. Appears that is has been in the water. It has shark repellant can attached and blue sea dye. Figured I'd share, its on the chopping block soon.


Is it rare? Any idea what it's worth?




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Good find, it is essentially for military passenger use (that is to say it is not the same as the pilot type LPU). The bag on the right, does it include the instructions? I forget which nomenclature this version used. Is that a document tucked into the main carry bag?


There are a couple of variations, but this is a pneumatic preserver and will have one cartridge on the front. Circa late 1950s-1970s. I don't see the aviation version too often.



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