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Gen. John Singlaub uniform

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It appears that each ribbon was embroidered and attached to a mount that was then sewn to the uniform. I think that the ribbons may have been glued to the mount and that the missing ribbon may have fallen off. The empty space on the ribbon bar does not have any marks indicating that anything had been sewn to it, which leads me to think some sort of adhesive was used.

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I never saw this the first time...Great lot! Have you read his book?


I listened to a great interview with him on the radio a few years ago...seems he worked very closely with the O.S.S. in the "Big One". I'll bet his book is a tremendous read. A truly great American!

Support our troops...abandoning the War on Terror is not an affordable luxury.

I'm so old, I still call W.W.II U.S. militaria "war surplus".


God's blessings in the Name of our Lord Jesus- Jim Robertson

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Yes a great unifrom, from a true hero. I had owned this uniform myself for 3 or 4 years and sold it approx 6 or 7 years ago.. When I sold it had one of Gen Singlaub's SOG plagues and some other paperwork. I hope these pieces stayed together. but in this day and age who knows.. I also remember his peaked cap named was with it also. In WW2 Singlaub was a Jedburgh. Best Irish




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The "blank" spot in General Singlaub's group is actually the spot where his British Mentioned in Despatches oak leaf would have been sewn on. When not awarded during a war or campaign for which a service medal was awarded, the MID is worn attached directly to the uniform. In some cases, awardees will use a piece of fabric matching the uniform's color, and sew the oak leaf directly to that. They would then attach that fabric to a ribbon bar or sew it to the uniform.

Jeff C.

USMF Member #2275

Ribbon Group.png

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