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1944 canvas assault raft


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A couple of weeks ago I picked up a 1944 dated canvas assault raft. It has plastic bladders all around the perimeter to hold air and give it its shape. Unfortunately I just got a new computer and haven't figured out taking pictures, or I'd post a few for all to see. In the mean time, I haven't been able to locate any pictures on the 'net. Can anyone who has some pictures of a raft post them here? Thanks!

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I don't have any photos of the canvas 2-man boat I used to have but here are some of the same boat as built for the OSS with a green/brown nylon shell. It might actually show the construction technique better than the canvas version with the contrasting colors of the various parts. They had 13 individual bladders in seperate compartments so a single bullet would not deflate and sink the boat.


I always thought they were a very cool WWII item but a space consuming and difficult item to properly display.























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This is the boat Robin has in design, I don't know the person placement.




has anyone a photo of the Kayak (Kayac) used in ther CBI by the 5307(P) or the LRPGs ?



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US Victory Museum

Not a canvas life raft, but you may find the photo of this rubber lift raft of interest.


Photo too large to attach - Please view at link below:



These three brave fellows are Harold Dixon, Anthony Pastula and Gene Aldrich
sitting in the actual raft they survived in for 35 days when they were forced
to ditch their observation plane during the second World War. A great read
written by Robert Trumbull called "The Raft" chronicles their amazing story.


The caption is not quite correct, re: date.


As I look at the photo, I keep hearing in my mind the synth-pop song from

the 1980s by the Split Enz - Six months in a leaky boat. :D




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