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my 1:18 scale ARMY TANKS!

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here is a photo of my two 1:18 scale model tanks plus my smaller onces in the background and my collection of old bullet casings



very soon i am goto get some more 1:18 military gear right now i am little bit low on extra space eheh








(smaller onces)



English light tank

US Light tank


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Nice M48A3 Patton. The only place that sold those out here was "toy-r-us" and the only one I ever saw for sale was at a toys in the town 35 miles south. I was visiting a friend and didn't have the money and didn't get back to buy it. The M48 is my favorite tank and I have a number of them in 1/35th. I can still remember the M60s turbo-charged diesels running up getting ready to move out. Was really impressive when I was kid on Custer Hill at Fort Riley.

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