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Hi All, Thought I would bring in that big brand American item Coa-Cola, there are plenty of adverts in wartime publications, ' Yank', ' Life' , ' National Geographic' and others, lots of these show Coka-Cola being drunk by various branches of the forces. Being shown here is one such advert, also an unopened bottle of Coke dated 1944, and a Coka-Cola check ( Cheque/ English ). The check was made out by the Dickson, Tenn. bottling plant to the town of Dickson, for $83-61, dated Jan/3/1944. When it was paid through the bank ( First Nat) it was perforated with a bunch of small holes showing the date of Jan/11/44. Cheers ( Lewis ) p.s. the coke still bubbles when shaken.


Young enough to care and enjoy militaria - Old enough to remember as surplus


" Life's too short for reproductions "



Life is like a tank of gas, the closer you get to a quarter tank, the faster it goes 




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