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Special Troops-104th Infantry Division


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Hi All,


Just received this in the mail today, I've been after this one for a while as it's a harder book to find. Last one (and only one btw) I saw on ebay went for around $120+. I picked this one up from an online book dealer for $40 shipped, needless to say I was pretty stoked when I saw that price! It's also named to a man in the G-2 section which is a plus.


Signatures from the G-2 section


Lot's of neat cartoons of the various division troops in the book. I really liked the recon troop's illustration.


Thanks for looking!






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Ben that is a cool book. It will make a great addition to your collection.



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Thanks Mike, I'm actually in contact with the vet's daughter interestingly enough!


Does it have unit rosters in it?

Only for the officer's and WO's in each unit, but this was before they shipped out for Europe so not a complete list by any means. Was there a name you needed? It may be in there.

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Sounds pretty good. But to your question Timberwolf, no I don't need name, I was just curious, still these are a great name reseach tool, even in this case with only the officers and warrants listed. I love books like these.

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Thanks guys! I also was able to get in contact with the daughter of the books former owner and she provided a pic of him which was nice.


Eric, Sorry I couldn't find anyone by that name in there.

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That is a great booklet! Mr. Timberwolf I have something I think you would like to have. I have a small 2-1/2 X 3-1/2 original snapshot of MG Terry Allen taken by a 104th trooper. It has written on the back ...Divisional Commander Major General "Terry Allen" taken coming from church in Halle Germany. I picked this up with some other 104th items that I gave to a friend who served with the 104th. I think you will appreciate this photo since you collect "Timberwolf" items. Several men from this location served with the 104th in WWII. contact me and I will send it to you.

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