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Fantastic WW 1 301st patch

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Pat the guy who is selling the Fantasy and Repro crap on Averoantiques ebay site.Its not easy for another dealer to say stuff is crap but when the guys who are the experts not me say they are crap I listen.I am a well known dealer but I rely on the scholars of are hobby to guide me because they have taught me much.I thank guys like Dave Kaufman Mort Cohen Dave and Steve Johnson Dan Griffin Les Hughes and a host of others for teaching a dealer what real experts are all about.Scotty



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I am a big believer in photography as documents. If a person shelled out that much for a patch in 1919, my belief is they are going to show it off where ever they can, including the photographer's studio. I have NOT seen this patch depicted in any historic photograph.


I will add to that, I have never seen a photograph of the purported "330th Tank Bn" patch worn on the breast of a jacket, yet I can list more than a dozen examples of extant jackets. Assuming that a company or even a platoon of the 330th had these cats sewn on the front of their jackets (and in one instance, at least, overcoat), I would expect to have seen a photograph of at least one guy wearing it. I have only seen one panoramic of a company of the 330th and no one had leaping Toms on their jackets. Would love to see panoramics of the other two companies to test this theory.


I proudly display one 330th tunic in my collection, and have had a chance to examine a tunic and overcoat identified to a guy in Company B. They are convincing, but I sure would like to see a period photographic or reference to support them!


For those who aren't sure what I am describing, I am attaching a photo of my 330th tunic (on the right) along with the famous leaping Tom on which the insignia is based:




BTW, Mort raises a VALUABLE point to consider when looking at "one-of-a-kind" patches. Patches are meant to be sold in quantity. If someone (other than a loved one, probably) made ONE patch, he/she made a bunch of them. There is no profit in single sales...quantity is where the money is at. And patch makers knew that as well as any other business at the time. If there was ONE arched Tom cat wearing a Tank Corps campaign hat patch, there should be two, three or one hundred. Obviously a privately purchased item, the buyer would be cognisant of their purchase, and therefore, less likely to throw away the patch in later years. It would have had monetary value in addition to emotional. Those two factors contribute to survivability of artifacts. So, using that logic, we should have learned of this patch BEFORE it debuted on eBay. Veteran patch collectors would have already been familiar with it. From what I can gather from this thread (ha-ha...get it, "Thread?"), the hard-hitter gurus of patches whom I consider to be very knowledgable, have not said, "Oh yes, I have seen this before." That is pretty telling, in my humble ol' opinion.


Thanks for reading my ramblings,


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