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Help with oxygen mask and hose

Sparty On

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I suspect this A-14 oxygen mask is post war and was hoping someone could verify its approximate date. There doesn't appear to be a date on the mask and the green straps lead to me to believe its post-war.


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At some point in time, the A-14B was made in silicone and designated MBU-4/P. This was probably during the 1960s. I have seen photos of the A-14 being used during the Korean War. Your A-14B is probably from around the mid-late 1950s? The microphone for this mask would

probably be the large green one designated M-32B/AIC with a straight communications cable with U-173/U connectors on both ends or

possibly an ANB-M-C1 mic element with a straight cord with a PJ-292 connector on the end?

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