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J Murray Inc helmets- looking for feedback

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I highly recommend them. Their helmets are a complete restoration well worth the money.

Juan Gonzalez, Pres.
WWII Impressions, Inc
Quality uniforms for the serious historian and professional.




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2 or 3 years ago, I bought a helmet from J.Murray for a fellow collector who is also a reenactor ... the helmet was very nice and when I saw it after several months of regular use, it looked even nicer.


I would recommend his helmets ... but I have no idea of other's quality.

Collecting USMC AEF 1917-18 & PTO 1941-45, US Navy PTO 1941-45.


Most seeked items : USMC dog tags from 1915 to 1945, USN corpsman dog tags and other identified items, USN id'd M1 helmets.




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I own lots of stuff from Josh, and it's great. His recent stuff has improved a lot over the stuff he was producing a few years back, and I can safely say there is no one else out there doing a better job. His stuff might no be cheap, but he's a great guy to deal with and his stuff lasts.


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