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Painted WW1 Shovels again.. French collectors read!


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Yes it is different. Its marked with the big US kind of crooked. I've never seen another and can find no Info on it

Heres the mark

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Heres the mark


I have the same early type shovel with the same kind of marking. As far as I can see it isn't marked on the wood anywhere, but it has seen some heavy use so that may be worn off.


m1910bmschep001cc7.th.jpg m1910bmschep002qw9.th.jpg m1910bmschep004vg9.th.jpg m1910bmschep005vr4.th.jpg


Greetz ;)



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General Apathy



Hi Jon & fellow members,


What appears to be a totally unpainted M-1910 shovel has just been found in a barn in

my Normandy village. I have posted more details and photos about the shovel in my

' Norman D. Landing, Reports from Normandy' in the dealer section.


Please check it out in that section


Cheers ( Lewis )


Young enough to care and enjoy militaria - Old enough to remember as surplus


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More proof of my insanity.


I actually was able to track down an archives that holds the papers of one of the companies making shovels in WW1. So far I have just found where they are, but I am already expecting to go spend a day (at least) wading htrough a few hundred pages of unorganized stuff. Just to look for shovel stuff.


If only this type of work actually paid off!

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Well, I spent a while looking through endless useless papers in the Ames shovel co archives, but found something interesting.


They did not have a full set of blueprints, but they had a few different ones with dated changes. I noticed that up to Nov 1917 there was a comment above the data box on the lower right that said painting instructions were on drawing "thus and such" (which is in my notebook downstairs- and if anyone thinks they can find it from the numbers let me know).


But this comment vanishes on the Feb 1918 blueprint.


This leads me to hypothesize that the painting ran up to Nov 1917, and some time before Feb 1918 it was stopped. I can't say for 100% on this until I find a document saying that, but the evidence is reasonable for this to be a good working theory.


What this does jive with is the rush to get stuff make in the winter of 17/18, as well as the time period when the east coast was socked in by snow, railways lines were jammed, and coal could not get anywhere- so probbly neither could paint. And I have found mentions of shortages of dyestuffs- so that underwear and socks etc were undyed to save on OD dye.


My brain hurts.

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