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501st P.I.R 2nd bat. comp. D


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I have items in my collection from 4 members of the 501st PIR 2nd. Bat. Comp. D

The man ar Oliver A Koons, Bobby G Hunter , Bert Collier and Mother(Joe) Madigan.

I was wondering if there ar collectors that also have items in there collection from members of

501st PIR 2nd bat. Comp D

I know that one member has items from Evert Dean. I also know that a few years ago a jacket was sold from Jack hampton. But do not know who the owner now is.


I would like to come in contact with collectors that have items from members of the 501PIR 2nd bat comp D .

To see what is left from them. I'm always interesstet to buy or trade nice 501st items against items that belongt to a D comp member.

But the most what i would like is to know what is still around. you always can send me a PM


Will put up some pictures a soon as i can


Thanks a lot Dennis

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