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.50 Steel Core Penetrator

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Hey all, just wondering what caliber this bullet is i found in with my grandfather's medals. it's probably a no brainer, but i am more into rifle cartridges. I put it next to an EAME ribbon so you can get an idea of the size.







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ksp45 is correct - plain ole .50 cal BMG round. That's the same projectile that comes out of the business end of my Barret. Most of them look slightly disfigured, but some resemble JohnnieDavis's pic.






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That is the steel penetrator out of either a M2 .50 cal ball round or a M2 AP round. He either found it on a range or some guys liked to peel the copper jacket off of them. I know a guy that uses a M2 AP penetrator for a center punch.


It's exactly what I did in the sixties with these fired bullets found on the ground.


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