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Hey everyone!


This patch made its way into my collection and I really don't know much about LST 1148.


I'm guessing its theater made, probably 50's? If anyone can point me in a direction as to what the purpose of the patch was, I'd really appreciate it. Also if anyone has any idea what the value of something like this would be, do tell!


Thank you!




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Patch is Japan made and looks to be early 60's. The patch is just the ships regular insignia. The symbolism in the patch is the Japan islands on the left and Hawaiian islands on right and question mark on bag. The patch design probably just signifies that the Sumner county did a lot of Westpac tours and was away from home in American. The alligator is looking back at Hawaii which represents America. The patch is worth roughly about $10-$20 conservatively. You could maybe get a little more if you find the right buyer that has to have it.



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