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Margaret Utinsky ("Miss U")--Philippine Resistance

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"VICTORY" overprint Two Peso note signed by Margaret Utinsky who formed a resistance network to provide food, medicine, and money to the POWs held at Camps O'Donnell and Cabanatuan. Her code name was "Miss U" which she notes below her signature. I have not found any wartime examples of her signature so this one could be quite rare.


Also signing the note are Maj. Gen. Henry L.C. Jones, commander of the 38th Infantry Division ("Avengers of Bataan") and Capt. Milton S. Cooper, his aide-de-camp. Signing above Utinsky is Wyman P. Woodward, Air Corps pilot, and L.A. Boczkowski, who has yet to be identified. Not certain what these two men did in the war that would have them adding their signatures to a note of such significance.


Here is a link to a more complete biography of Margaret Utinsky: http://philippine-defenders.lib.wv.us/html/utinsky_margaret_bio.html




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And for those who are not familiar with 'Miss U', please read about her.



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I have an autographed copy of her book and the signature matches what is on your bill. Nice find!



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