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Doolittle Raiders final reunion


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I went to the Air Force museum for the arrival ceremonies for the Doolittle Raider's final reunion - jam packed with people. Below are four clips...sorry for the quality, I was using my phone and it was very windy. Cut and paste the whole URL - these are larger files, so you'll want to download them.


Clip 1 (~22MB) shows some of the crowd. Note one couple is holding a WWII 48-star flag....you can't see it, but there was also the Regimental colors of the 5th Ohio Volunteer Infantry:





Clip 2 (~102MB) shows the Raider's arrival.




Clip 3 (~556MB) is of the slide show they had running while waiting for everyone to move to the memorial area. People had crowded that space early in the morning, so I watched the ceremony on the big screen.





Clip 4 (~1.2GB) is the memorial service, wreath laying, and the B-25 fly over. The aircraft came in out of the sun so they were hard to pick up.






Mark sends

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