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Reenactor event in Italy - Column of Liberty


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Hi all!

I've ended this week the last Reenactor event here in Italy named ''Column of Liberty'' (the story of River Po in late April of 1945);

The Event was in Sermide (a little city near Mantova in Italy) near the River Po!




-Saturday 26 (april)-

The GI and 10th mountain division mounted the tents near the river, after the lunch the allies moved to the destroyed factory. And for dinner we are gone in to the center of the city in service dress :D


Assault to the house (near the factory)




Factory Defence


http://img72.No_outside_hosting.us/my.php?image=pict5860ac3.jpg http://img72.No_outside_hosting.us/my.php?image=intotheruinsdh7.jpg

http://img72.No_outside_hosting.us/my.php?image=brothersofwarog7.jpg http://img254.No_outside_hosting.us/my.php?image=pict5884dr6.jpg






(yes... i'm the officer in the center of this photo)



(Me and my Girlfriend)



-Sunday 27 -

The airborne demonstration team (Directly camed from USA) http://www.wwiiadt.org/ jumped in to the field near the River. After the jump of ADT we are back to the QG near the river and we are mounted on the DUKW !!



http://img76.No_outside_hosting.us/my.php?image=pict5956ec3.jpg http://img210.No_outside_hosting.us/my.php?image=pict6081qe1.jpg


[i've used all original material.... and i've broken my pair of m43 buckle boot... damn! so i've used for the most of the time the boot of 1949 :crying: ]


a great event :D

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I met some wonderful people while at this event, and will always remember the great hospitality! I had a great time, capped off with the Sermide jump! Softest landing I ever had!


Hope to be able to return to Italy some day and jump again (maybe on the Sicily DZ)!



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Dear Brian!

i'm pretty sure that the same peoples of Sermide 'll organize another BIG reenactor event in Sicily in the next years, i hope next year

I hope to be there in 1st or 4th rangers suit :D with my team and i hope to see again the great jump of your team!!!!!!

Anyway you and your team 'll be always wellcome here in Italy.

Thnx again!

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Well, you'd have to admit that re-enactors in Europe have an advantage for location and background.


Many people do not realize that there is a difference in environmental lighting in different parts of the world. Add to that the trees, rocks, color of the soil and grass, as well as architectural details on buildings and streets. That is why some reenactment photos shot elsewhere, no matter how authentic the equipment, just do not look the same.


These are well done photos and it looks like a fun event.

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You 're right but HERE in Italy we can't use blank weapons ...and this is a real big problem for us... the law in Italy is real mad and you must ask the permission to the city and to the police if you want do something with blank guns or small explosions, also if the place where we play is private :(

and is not easy buy a blank weapon from US or Uk (alot of customs problem and tax)


that is the main problem :( here in Italy

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